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Park 1 is intended to house a traffic and emergency management center, a new fire station and a total of 1,200 new workplaces in which effective coordination will be created on an everyday basis. The activities are arranged as five different layers in the building with the fire station at the bottom, one part open to the general public with restaurant, conference facilities, café and exhibition areas, above this a traffic and emergency management center and an office section. At the top is a public roof park.

This is a strong, unique building from many perspectives. Without doubt, the most striking part is the roof terrace.
Linda Thiel, lead architect

The building complex inclines back from Lindhagensgatan in a generous gesture which marks the entrance while also boldly cantilevering slightly into space towards the Essingeleden highway and above all of the movement and communication at the site. It will become a dynamic complex standing as a watchful, inquisitive form gazing out over the city. The building has been designed to have an individual quality in the city environment, instead of being perceived as a functional geometric figure.

The potential green spaces are lifted up and given a new exciting context, sheltered from noise and exhaust fumes. The silhouette of the building marks out the raised roof park which is not just a magnificent viewing platform, 50 metres above the ground, but also a green island providing a landing site for animals, such as bees or birds moving between different habitats. The park will become an oasis of rest and recreation, increasing biodiversity at the site and producing solar energy.

The façade is designed as a double-skinned façade, inspired by a circuit board with synapses and communications nodes in which the basic component is simple but which can be assembled in an infinite number of combinations. This is an image that could describe the coordination centre’s round-the-clock activities with coordination, interlinking and infrastructure.

The project will be eco-certified in compliance with BREEAM and Miljöbyggnad (Sweden’s national green building standard). The special nature of this project has enabled a BREEAM Bespoke manual to be produced, a tailored manual made exclusively for the project. The objective is to achieve the BREEAM Outstanding and Miljöbyggnad Gold levels.

A prequalification procurement procedure made it possible for the assignment to be won in association with AG Arkitekter. Work on the façade has been performed in collaboration with AKT, based in London.

Park 1

  • Client: Stockholms stad
  • Project Start/End: 2010-2015
  • Area/Size: 45 000 m²
  • City: Stockholm
  • Photographer/Illustrator: MIR


  • Linda Thiel - ansvarig arkitekt
  • Hugo Franklin
  • Anton Kolbe
  • Karin Leckström
  • Lise-Lott Larsson Kolessar
  • Stefan Nordh
  • Karin Stenqvist
  • Sam Keshavarz
  • Ann-Sofie Ek
  • Magdalena Stål
  • Angelica Åkerman
  • Åsa Keane

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