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White’s task was to provide for the needs of the complex activities comprising modern healthcare, but also to create a good working environment and a friendly, hopeful environment for the patients. An important element of the project was to ensure that the building, which is located in the centre of Lund, would become a profile building.

Traditionally, for safety reasons, radiotherapy rooms have been located below ground level. In Lund, a conscious choice was made not to do this. To resolve the question of radiation protection, the corridors are built in the form of a maze, with radiation guards staged along the route. Advantages of locating the rooms above ground include that it is easier to change the radiation equipment, which needs to be done relatively often. For patients, it is a relief not to have the therapy rooms underground.

Creating a light, bright environment is challenging for healthcare buildings that have a lot of enclosed rooms. The solution here has been, as far as possible, to design the rooms with glass walls onto the corridors, with clear glass at floor and ceiling levels, and opaque obscured glass in between. Atria bring more daylight into the building. The larger glass sections from floor to ceiling in conference rooms, staff rooms and waiting rooms open up the façade and provide a view out.

As regards the exteriors, the thick concrete façades have been clad in a mosaic, with various nuances of shimmering glass, creating a feeling of lightness. The new and old buildings are linked together by a glass hall for the main entrance.

A beautiful building for the healthcare of the future in the embrace of a green forecourt.

Radiotherapy Building, Skåne University Hospital

  • Client: RegionService
  • Project Start/End: 2009-2013
  • Completed: 2013
  • Area/Size: 10 700 m² BTA
  • Energy Use: 81 kWh/m²/ år
  • City: Lund
  • Photographer/Illustrator: Adam Mørk och Peter Brinch


  • Lena Brand
  • Per Berg
  • Kjell Nyberg
  • Ulrika Connheim
  • Anneli Wihlborg
  • Helena Hirvonen
  • Ia Belfrage
  • Marthe Myrvoll
  • Abbas Fathi
  • Anna-Karin Jägare
  • Martin Vozzi
  • Markus Magnusson
  • Birgit Löfkvist
  • Katarina Rasmusson
  • Cecilia Spannel

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