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Re-development into a sustainable green town in which existing properties are integrated with new ones is the ultimate goal. The large urban blocks are subdivided into smaller properties, with several varied housing types – everything from detached homes and terraced houses with their own patch of garden to student accommodation in a high-rise building as well as retirement homes. The aim is to have a rich diversity of housing, people and activities.

We have endeavoured to achieve a more integrated town fabric, rather than advocating yet another enclave.
/ Sara Grahn

The winning proposal incorporates an elegantly designed municipal building from the 1950s as the heart of this urban district, turning it into a local cultural centre. Also planned is new town square containing shops, businesses and a new art gallery and town park.

White evaluated the region’s Roslagsbanan railway line and proposes that the present station be developed into a full-scale travel centre with links to, for example, nearby town centres and direct trains to Stockholm’s Arlanda airport.

Managing noise from the surrounding train and automobile traffic and at the same time provide places of tranquillity for local residents are project challenges. As a solution, higher buildings are designed to be situated as a “protective ridge” to the north and thereby form acoustic shields. The proposed domestic gardens will also offer sunlit, verdant oases around the inner, lower buildings.

“The proposal presents a robust, sustainable structure that is achievable and can be developed, and which makes it possible to create a richly varied environment over time. The proposal is sustainable ecologically, economically and socially,” was the observation of the jury, comprising politicians and civil servants from Täby Municipality as well as representatives of the Swedish Association of Architects.

A total of 39 teams took part in the pre-qualification process, four of which were selected for the final round. Apart from White, it was between the Danish practices of the Bjarke Ingels Group and Adept, and Nyréns from Sweden. In the end, it was White’s proposal that convinced the competition jury.

Roslags Näsby

  • Client: Täby kommun
  • Project Start/End: 2011-2014
  • Completed: 2014
  • City: Täby
  • Photographer/Illustrator: White View


  • Mikael Stenqvist - ansvarig arkitekt
  • Sara Grahn - ansvarig arkitekt

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