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The Triangeln area in central Malmö used to be a quiet place, set apart from the busy main streets. With the new City Tunnel station, however, it has become a junction for the region’s 37,000 commuters. Today, it is one of the city’s liveliest living rooms.

In order to meet these new streams of people and their needs, the City of Malmö announced a competition to design new urban spaces around Triangeln. Here, White has created two connected places that work as well during weekday rush-hours as during peaceful Sunday mornings.

These places are St Johannesplan by St Johannes Church and the Konsthall Square by the art exhibition hall Malmö Konsthall. Two squares that are woven together by joint details and a unique concrete floor – an elegant floor with plenty of everyday luxury. The inserted intarsia pattern at St Johannesplan refers to St Johannes Church, which is also called the Church of Roses. It is Malmö’s Jugend church and the pattern was designed with inspiration from the representation of nature during the Jugend era.

The Konsthall Square has become an open and well-defined place. The multifunctional floor can be used for installations and events. It can be transformed with time and used according to needs. This is already rooted in Malmö’s residents, who use the square for skateboarding, filmmaking and performances. There is also a 30 m2 water fountain area for children’s play and an elevated concrete disc, to be used as a bench or a stage. The disc becomes a luminous plateau as dark falls.

St Johannesplan and The Konsthall Square

  • Client: The City of Malmö and The Swedish Church
  • Project Start/End: 2008-2011
  • Completed: 2014
  • Area/Size: 28 000 m2
  • City: Malmö
  • Photographer/Illustrator: Hanns Joosten


  • Niels de Bruin - Ansvarig landskapsarkitekt
  • Gustav Jarlöv
  • Anna Eklund
  • Andreas Milsta

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