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The Street Smart concept is a sustainable, inspirationally innovative home design that uses technology to help us change our behaviour; to connect with our communities while living a lifestyle that respects the needs of our planet.

Using technology as a means of maximising the use of local resources, the modular building method allows for a quick and high quality standard of construction that presents the opportunity to build the house yourself, from the interior structure to external cladding. Spatially, the smart home is open, well connected and provides spaces and rooms that allow for the flexible and demand­ing lifestyle of the typical modern family.

Code level 5 for sustainable homes is achieved through a combination of high thermal and air tight solutions, an exhaust air heat pump combined with Photovoltaic cells. This stand-alone system allows each house to be self-sufficient in energy needs and all domestic appliances will be of suitable grade to reduce water consumption, including low flush capacity toilets, low volume baths and flow regulators. The proposal includes roof rainwater run-off storage and additional grey water harvesting with a tank of 1,500 litres.

There is a clear and easily understood energy monitoring and control system that is expanded to include the smart charger used for the home’s electric car; the home’s features can be controlled from one remote built into the wall or via the internet or mobile phone, wherever you are. Using such intuitive technological applications, the Street Smart proposal demonstrates how simple life style changes can have dramatic beneficial impacts on our world, individually, socially and environmentally.

Street Smart (smart home)

  • Client: Sunday Times British Home Awards
  • Project Start/End: 2012-2012
  • Area/Size: 150 m²
  • Cost: Estimated construction: £150k per house
  • Photographer/Illustrator: White View


  • Geoff Denton
  • David Alton
  • Jake Ford
  • Mats Holmberg
  • Daniel Petersson

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