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Chosen by the jury out of a list of 70 submissions, White’s design for the municipal building is the winning entry of an architecture competition. The Täby Municipal Building is strategically located on a new esplanade, which connects city centre with the library, the church, the swimming pool and the upper secondary school. Particularly harmonious in form and function is the space between the municipal building and the library, which provides an intimate and attractive entrance square.

All areas designated for meetings between residents and the municipality are located at the entrance level of the building. A prominent reception also functions as an information desk and local support node for Täby residents.

The town council meetings are held in the area extending from the entrance hall; a room which is essentially created upon need when dividing walls are moved into place. When these walls are moved aside into an “open” position, the entrance hall evolves into a grand area for exhibitions, markets, debates or if a council meeting attracts a large number of people.

Light-filled and open to upper floors, the entrance hall allows the activities of the municipal building to be visible to all. The four upper levels of the building house the council departments and staff. Around the central atrium radiate the internal meeting rooms, relaxation rooms and larger areas designated for communal use. Set back from the line of the roof is the penthouse, which provides a separate space for internal gatherings and houses a dining space, kitchen and an exercise area.

Chosen from over 5000 proposals, Täby’s New Municipal Building was recognised with the International Design Awards (IDA) Gold Medal in the category, Institutional Architecture.

Täby’s New Municipal Building

  • Client: Täby Municipality
  • Project Start/End: 2010-2015
  • Completed: 2017
  • Area/Size: ca 15 000 m² BTA
  • Cost: 300 milj SEK
  • City: Täby
  • Photographer/Illustrator: White View



  • Thomas Rudin
  • Robert Schmitz
  • Anton Kolbe
  • Fredric Kihlberg
  • Bernt Borgestig
  • Tomas Landfeldt
  • Johan Björkholm
  • Angelica Bierfeldt Liptak
  • Milad Barosen
  • Amanda Ersson

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