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On the street level, this new mixed use development features shops, offices, restaurants, and cafés, while the upper two floors include 52 rental apartments, all varying in size. Every apartment has a balcony or a patio facing different directions to capture the different moods and patterns of natural light in a passing day.

A bright, austere stone faces the city and a soft, warm wood facade towards the courtyard. On the rooftop, lush braces of sedum grow, which help to filter the buildings’ waste water and clean the air. Footbridges of concrete and wood span a gravel pathway that surround Asken. The neighbourhood block is designed with a large variety of flora, from ornamental grasses to a diversity of different kinds of trees, including the Ash tree, from which the project gets its name. Furthermore, in the third floor courtyard, tenants can grow their own private vegetable garden or engage in one of the communal gardening initiatives.

The building is environmentally classified with very low energy consumption and designed with a conscious palette of robust natural materials. A high emphasis has been placed on accessibility, creating an accommodating environment for people to grow old in. This has been a guiding factor in the design from the outdoor environments, public pathways and entryways, to the spacing dimensions for every room, apartment and hallway. Surrounding environmental noise has been countered by placing the apartments in the shape of a U, with all studios and bedrooms located on the interior, ensuring that each apartment is a quieter and calmer home.

Asken neighbourhood

  • Client: Fastighets AB Eric Ekblad
  • Project Start/End: 2010-2014
  • Completed: 2014
  • Area/Size: 12 000 m² of housing, with 5500 m² of total retail space
  • Apartments / Rooms: rooms: 52 rental units
  • City: Jönköping
  • Photographer/Illustrator: Waldemar Hansson
  • Environmental classification: Miljöbyggnad Silver


  • Jan Larsson - Lead Architect

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