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The Bristol Arena will create a unique innovative performance venue and a dynamic new meeting place in Bristol, worthy of City that is fast becoming one of the greenest in Europe. The heart of our scheme is an elegant, environmentally sustainable and democratic “palace for people”, housing the new 12,000-seat arena.

It responds to the city around it, in its form, materials and colour, generating spaces and new uses that will create a major new waterfront destination, provide enjoyment, servicing and a focus for new commercial activity helping to regenerate and sustain the Temple Meads area, its neighbourhoods and the city centre beyond.

Our ambition is high – to create Europe’s most sustainable Arena venue compared to all others in the UK and across Europe. A truly green building, using the natural resources close to hand: sun, daylight, and the cooling potential of the river Avon. We propose the use of timber as a construction material as part of an innovative hybrid structure, minimising the Arena’s carbon footprint.

The arena is an asymmetric, faceted object with sides of differing characters, in a unified and dramatic form, helping to create and strengthen the spaces they address and accommodating within it an engaging series of circulation spaces and uses. Enclosed within is a symmetrical horse-shoe-shaped flexible 21st-century performance space. The people of Bristol are encouraged to engage with the building through a sequence of internal and external ramps both functional and playful.

The Bristol Arena

  • Client: Bristol City Council / Riba Design Competition
  • Project Start/End: 2015-2015
  • City: Bristol
  • Photographer/Illustrator: Mir


  • Fredrik Källström
  • Jesper Källgren
  • Hugo Franklin
  • Geoff Denton
  • Anna Graaf
  • Karl Lindstrand
  • Jake Ford
  • Christoph Duckart
  • Per-Mats Nilsson
  • Keith Boxer

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