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To challenge the norm, White and a municipal housing company developed a 55m² apartment which offers the flexibility to turn from a studio to a four bedroom family home – or anything in between. The dream apartment with its clever details, flexible walls and furniture really is a home for everyone.

A deep inquiry into the contemporary needs of flexibility in living and better use of resources resulted in a maximized use of each square meter of this architectural innovation. The project is based on research supported by White Research Lab, focusing on the needs of different user groups. The research phase was also important as a way of mapping the incentives of all stakeholders. Combining the driving forces of all involved with deep knowledge about the desires and ideas of several potential users, the apartment is soon a dream coming true.

The Dream Apartment

  • City: Linköping
  • Photographer/Illustrator: White View


  • Barbara Vogt
  • Ingrid Ehrnebo