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Stage one of this project was to convert the industrial shell of the old Ubåtshallen building into a modern office environment. The building is situated in Västra Hamnen (western harbour), which is one of Malmö’s key areas when it comes to expansion.

At stage two, White adapted the building for the Mediegymnasiet college. The thought behind this was to break down artificial boundaries by creating an open-plan and glass-fronted environment and encourage interaction between different subjects, students/teachers and other companies in the same building. At stage three, White planned subprojects across the entire building on behalf of PEAB, and also took care of the interior for Mediegymnasiet. The solution incorporates meeting places such as an entrance street, an atrium, a restaurant and a penthouse. The glass-fronted studios are positioned around the atrium which spans seven storeys.

These open-plan studios aside, the building also has small group-rooms, teachers’ staff rooms and private multi-purpose rooms.

The old building’s frame and some of its façade were reused for sustainability and financial reasons, but also for design reasons, as this reuse meant the large shell and and ‘raw’ industrial feel of ‘Ubåtshallen’ would be preserved – and also highlighted – generally through exposure of the installations, raw, untreated materials and substantial ceiling heights.

Today the building houses a unique blend of high school education, university education and private sector companies. Mediegymnasiet teaches classes in journalism, editing, photography as well as core curriculum lessons on the first two floors of the building, with the remaining floors used by Malmö University, Folkuniversitetet and design and production company Duni.


  • Client: Utbildningsförvaltningen, Wihlborgs fastigheter, Peab
  • Project Start/End: 1999-2002
  • Completed: 2002
  • Area/Size: 8 000 m² BTA
  • City: Malmö


  • Per-Anders Andersson - Contact Person
  • Birgitta Carlsson
  • Åsa Haremst
  • Maria Jönsson
  • Anders Svensson - ansvarig
  • Pontus Åqvist
  • Åsa Jönsson

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