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Parallel with Umeå’s significant Bothnia Bus Line, the new station creates easy entry access at all levels for cars, bicycles and pedestrians alike. The upper level of the terminal bridges the hospital complex with the Umeå University campus, where the bus station is also situated.

The centrally located street level portion of the new hospital complex forms an exciting public space connecting the travel terminal with Umeå’s city centre. This dynamic hub offers vistors travel services in addition to other commercial, social and cultural activities.

Umeå Östra Terminal is located in a geographically complex location, namely between two city districts and grid systems with enormous level differences. To meet this challenge, White chose the Bothnia Bus Line as a starting point of reference. Following, is the design of terraces and varying material surfaces which differentiates and accentuates boundaries and transcending levels.

Travellers and vistors are greeted with a facade of glass, steel and wood synchronizing beautifully. Apart from pure functionalism, the glulam (glue-laminated-timber) structure adds honest character with a clear reference to the regional forest industry.Umeå Östra is an example of the type of local and regional development taking place with the shared objective of utilising timber construction techniques in larger buildings.

The passage between target points in the travel center are characterized by logic, generosity in width and a variety that facilitates orientation. Since the ambition has been to make the majority of travelers to travel by train, bus and bicycle instead of by car, the planning process has had an “entire-trip-perspective” resulting in a complete travel center with everything necessary for traveling as well as a welcoming public space both indoors and outdoors, connecting the surrounding areas.

Umeå East Travel Centre

  • Client: INAB via Umeå Municipality
  • Project Start/End: 2008-2010
  • Completed: 2010
  • City: Umeå
  • Photographer/Illustrator: Åke E:son Lindman


  • Lennart Sjögren
  • Albin Holmgren

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