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The project includes a completely new station environment with new platforms and a new station but is also an important urban development project in Uppsala including new squares, parks, housing.

It is important that the public space is inviting for the general public but also efficient for the daily user; commuters and office workers. The station square is an entrance square to the city, to various public and private buildings and to the infrastructure.

White has been responsible for a common design code that supplemented the detailed development of the area. Including layout and design of all municipal land in the area and developing solutions for berthing, city and regional buses, taxis, cars and parking for 7,000 bicycles, design of all rail transport components in the area including new lobbies, platform environments, bicycle and pedestrian tunnel under the tracks, viaduct etc.

White is also working for local developers on residential and commercial projects in the area. As in the case with your public realm project we used a team with several consultants working side by side.

Sustainability has been important throughout the whole process. To secure a comfort equivalent to other means of transport it is important that the travellers comfort while waiting for the bus or getting to the bus is good. This includes e.g. clear information systems and digital timetables
etc. Social sustainability – safety clear overview – creates safe environments. Green elements contrast the hard materials e.g. a generous lawn and impressive flowerbeds that allows infiltration of water ads the beauty to the area.

Uppsala Travel Centre

  • Project Start/End: 2007-2011
  • Completed: 2011
  • City: Uppsala

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