Visualisation Research: Take a walk inside a 3D interior

Architect Tarek Adhami at White’s Örebro office previously worked in the Entertainment industry as a 3D concept artist. This inspired him to create a three dimensional visualisation of an interior space, which he published using Sketchfab. Have a look!

Hi there, Tarek Adhami! Can you tell us a bit more about the project idea?

Sometimes architecture can be complicated to describe to the general public using 2D images only. So as an architect who works as a visualiser, I feel that it is time to start representing our work more interactively and three dimensionally through the resources that already exist out there.

The idea is based on the fact that we already draw most of our designs in the form of 3D models, so why don’t we just deliver these models rather than taking pictures of them? It’s like live examining a sculpture inside an exhibition instead of just looking at the photos. I believe that such a delivery adds more value to our work, as well as minimises uncertainties around what a project will look like.

There is similar ongoing work within White’s departments Digital Design & BIM, Dsearch and White View. It is important to note that White View has also done an interactive presentation in the past using a gaming engine.

When I worked for the entertainment industry my job as a concept artist was to design virtual 3D sets for the project directors to enable them to walk around inside these virtual sets. Everything needed to look perfect from multiple angles. The prototype I am working on now is going to be compatible with virtual reality devices and should be ready in the beginning of 2017.


The tutorial has also been published on the online architecture publication ArchDaily.