White Arkitekter featured in ”Bo. Nu. Då.” exhibition at ArkDes

White Arkitekter’s work is to be featured at ArkDes’ exhibition ”Bo. Nu. Då”, which reflects on housing crises since 1917, describes the latest attempts to solutions and discusses sustainable possibilities for the present and future.

In one room of the exhibition, White has researched about daylight in housing during five periods between 1920 and today. Five boroughs show how natural light indoors is affected by denser urban infills and geometry and by the shape of the façade and choice of materials. This is correlated to the adoption of clear daylight requirements in the legislation. The exhibition marks the importance of daylight management in how we experience architecture and contributes to the debate about the role of architecture as cities are becoming denser.

White Arkitekter is represented by two other projects, which are featured in the exhibition, discuss (and present solutions to) planning of student and youth housing.

The exhibition itself runs between 16 April 2016 and 8 January 2017 at the Architecture and Design Center in Stockholm but several debates and seminars are planned in Stockholm, Kiruna and Malmö.

For more information: http://www.arkdes.se/articles/bo-nu-da-bostadsfragor-och-svar-under-99-ar