White Arkitekter’s Sander Schuur wins “Architecture of the Year” for STHLMNYC

The annual gala “Årets Rum” (Room of the Year) praises architects and designers for influential and creative work. Sander Schuur, architect at White, and Linda Schuur are the winners in the “Architecture of the Year” category for their work with STHLMNYC.

STHMLNYC – founded and directed by the two architects – is a platform for collaboration between Stockholm and New York City to discuss and formulate a future urban environment that is adaptive to uncertainties of the future. The non-profit organiation brings people together to learn, to discuss, and to influence the future of our cities.

The jury, which consisted of Rahel Belatchew Lerdell and the editors-in-chief of Swedish publications Rum, Rum Hemma, Nya Rum and Rum Design, stated:

“The future of architecture faces similar challenges around the world. Sharing knowledge across borders is a prerequisite for rapidly achieving sustainable development. STHLMNYC is an initiative by two architects who have successfully managed to mobilise the industry in Stockholm and New York and have consistently shown that bridges can be built despite great physical distance.”

– We are grateful and proud to win the “Architecture of the Year” award and that the value of two cities working together for a positive urban development is getting attention. It’s great that the internationalisation of Swedish architecture is placed higher on the agenda and that it is also a focus area for the Government, says Sander Schuur.

Realisation of the tremendous potential of collaboration led Linda and Sander to initiate STHLMNYC in 2014. At the time, no platform existed that would enable such a collaboration to promote and share Swedish urban design and architecture. Now, after three years of testing new formats of various programs, STHLMNYC has found its form for taking the next step; to start new initiatives to further develop and impact the future.

Sander also continues his work as an architect at White Arkitekter.