White helps rebuild the government quarters in Oslo

The 2011 terrorist bomb attack in Norwegian capital Oslo damaged several government buildings. White is one of the teams developing and rebuilding the government quarters, with focus on the delicate balance between security and openness.

In the July 2011 attack, a car bomb detonated within the government quarters, severely damaging four buildings. Three of these will likely be torn down and replaced. In designing the new quarters, the greatest architectural challenge is enhancing security, while also ensuring that the quarters are open and accessible to the citizens.

White is one of six teams invited by the Norwegian Directorate of Public Construction and Property (Statsbygg) to contribute ideas to the new government quarters. Team ideas will then be incorporated into the zoning plan for the area.

The White team works from the new Oslo office and holds competence in urban design, architecture, landscape architecture, traffic planning and sustainability. Our collaborative partners are Alliance Arkitekter and Sweco Transport Systems.

The commission is to be presented in April 2015.