White won the competition for Denmark’s new super hospital

From a very competitive field, it was White who won the architectural competition for the new super hospital in the Danish town of Odense, which will be the biggest construction project ever for the region and a milestone within Danish healthcare.

“A wonderful piece of news ahead of a well earned holiday,” commented Monica von Schmalensee, CEO for White. Once again we have proven that our skills are absolutely world-class when it comes to healthcare architecture.

White has many years of in-depth experience of working with hospitals and other care facilities. In 2007 we won the international competition for the New Karolinska Solna University Hospital, now being brought to fruition in a unique collaborative venture between White and Tengbom with inauguration planned for autumn 2017. The New Karolinska Solna University Hospital encompasses a total of approx. 300,000 square metres.

The planned super hospital in Odense will be almost as big, with a total of 251,000 square metres which takes in the University Hospital and the associated Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Southern Denmark. The link between the hospital and faculty provides major opportunities for the transfer of skills at all levels. The new university hospital is expected to be a milestone in Danish healthcare, in areas such as the collaboration between research and clinical care. The costs are estimated to be DKK 6.3 billion for the university hospital and DKK 800 million for the Faculty of Health Sciences.

The architectural competition for the new super hospital was arranged by the Regional Council for the Southern Region and has been under way for almost two years. The winning proposal has been produced by a consortium which includes White along with KHR, Dall & Lindhardtsen, EKJ, Oluf Jørgensen and WSP. Schønherr is the sub-consultant.

At White’s offices in Copenhagen, the atmosphere was electric after the competition win was announced.

“We are incredibly proud,” says Anders Danø, architect and head of the Care team at White in Denmark. Our winning proposal is based on providing the best physical and mental opportunities for patients, staff and visitors. We have focused on creating a functional building within a beautiful architectural framework, and with a great emphasis on the interplay with the surrounding landscape.

For White as a whole, the win means a definitive breakthrough onto the Danish construction market, which has been very severely hit by the financial crisis and recession in recent years. White has two Danish offices, in Copenhagen and Naestved on Zealand, respectively.